How To Make Money As A Furry Artist

How To Make Money As A Furry Artist:  Earning money is everyone’s dream. Ever wondered you could make money by becoming a furry artist? Yes! People can offer their services online as a furry fandom and earn bucks in exchange through them. In this article, I will discuss how to make money as a furry artist and how much you can make. Many people use their furry skills on different platforms such as freelancers or Fiverr and get paid for their services.

How To Make Money As A Furry Artist

Becoming a Furry Artist is not that difficult or tricky as people think. You have to pick up a unique character you want to become and select your secondary personality. Firstly, it is essential to get familiar with Furry’s term; we will discuss our main topic:

What is a furry? Becoming A Furry Fandom

The terminology of Furry is associated with the group of people who create a specific and unique character for them as a secondary appearance or identity either in real life or online on different platforms. They are recognized as unique, memorable characters with names they have given to them among the community.

These people even make their appearance like those characters that we specifically all known as Anthropomorphized Animals. They have unique characteristics like Humans. They can walk on two legs like normally a man do, sing, talk and do basic activities like people. Some of the examples of Anthropomorphized Animals are bugs bunny, Daffy Duck, Pink Panther, etc.

There are a lot of groups and communities that have furries. These groups have unique identities and provide the credit for the work they deserve.

How much money do fury artists make?

The lowest price for a quality furry art is $25. Depends on your experience in art and client requirements. There is no border for maximum earning. For a unique design, you can demand a maximum of $3000 for each furry art.

Where To Sell Furry Art?

We know that earning money is never easy for anyone. Artists and writers are creating content for people who do not even give them credit for their work. People sell their talent online and don’t even get the credit. But, if you want to earn money and get the honor and credit you deserve, Furries are on the top of the list.

You can earn money as a furry artist by providing your services in the following areas:

1. Creating Arts – Sell your Art to other Furries

This is the best way to get a commission for your Furry Art. If you are good at drawing furry characters, you should be creating furry characters for others and make money from your skills. Freelancing platforms are the best options where you can offer this service. Rather than this, you can also find the communities of furries where you can do work for your Furry friends.

Apps And Websites For Furry Communities To Find Work And Make Friends

Average Earning

If you are creating a furry character for someone, you should know your price, but on average, a furry artist can charge anywhere between $6 to 12$ or more per hour.

2. Fanfiction Content writing

If you want to earn as a furry, you can do content writing for furries. You can write fanfiction stories for the community and get paid for your services. There, you write creative and engaging stories on the platforms and sell them for a reasonable price. As a freelancer, you can write for different clients on Fiverr.

Platforms for Furry Fanfiction

Average Earning

You can earn anything between $1 or $2 dollars for 100 words for your writing style and the uniqueness and creativity of your writing pieces.

3. Make Fursuits for People

Here is the best guide: How To Make Money As A Furry Artist data-preserver-spaces=”true”>. This is a great option. You can earn commissions by making Fursuits for people, and then you can charge them for these Fursuits.

A fursuit is unique for every character.

Every Fursuit we see is associated with a specific furry character. They are made by professional artists and take months of effort to get completed. You can also create a Fursuit and sell it to others who demand it.

Average Earning

It takes many hours to complete an entire Fursuit. Customers can get their Fursuits ready on demand and make any customization they want. The average price may vary from artist to artist. But, the average price for each Fursuit is $2000 to $3500.

3. Video animations

This is a great area you can target to earn money. Money earned through Video animations is also a great start for beginner furries. Suppose you have experience in video editing and 3D Art animation. You could probably make more than you could expect.

You could make fantastic Animation stories, post them on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and earn money.

Average Earning

It has a hell of money; you could earn thousends of dollars for your work if you get famous.

4. Blogging – Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is one of the highest-paying jobs, and this can answer our article’s main topic: How To Make Money As A Furry Artist.  Start Vlogging and share your daily ideas, artworks, stories, and Fursuits to people and get brand hiring for yourself. You could also earn royalties from other brand sales if you promote their products.

Average Earning

A paid influencer position enables you to earn thousands of dollars a month.

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5. Furry Games

There are many opportunities in this field. You can create highly engaging porn games and earn through them. This is one the highest paying area of Furry earning.

Average Earning

The average earning for furry adult games lies between $18000 to $23000 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does drawing furries make you a furry?

Yes, if you have a great interest in drawing furries, you are part of this community and entitled to a furry. People generally refuse to be furry because it is a slang word, and they are feared of being judged and being bullied.

How much money can you make from art commissions?

Commissions from your art can be pretty lucrative. An average Furry will charge a reasonable price for his artwork. An annual income of more than $50,000 is guaranteed if you are good at creating drawings as a furry.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have discussed: How To Make Money As A Furry Artist. all the possible ways have been discussed here, and people who choose to be a furry can make a high income through drawing arts, fabricating Fanfiction stories, Making Fursuits, Video animations, Vlogging, and making porn games for the furry community and others. It may be a difficult decision to be a furry, but if you have decided to be one, it is your identity.

Always be that person who you are; it will never stop you from chasing your dreams.

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